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Our Mission

Recovery Café Orting Valley’s Mission is to provide a healing community for those impacted by life challenges.

Individuals and families in our community are often impacted by substance use, addiction, violence, and/or mental health concerns. We are a community of individuals who recognize there is hope and healing as we come together to support one and other.

We are living proof that living a life in recovery begins in a community where we know we are loved and that we have gifts to share.

Our Vision

The vision of Recovery Café Orting Valley is to provide the resources and connections for sustained recovery and improved quality of life for individuals in the Orting Valley community. We will provide peer support services through individual and group settings, educational classes and workshops, and a place for individuals to come together in community to share their gifts and know they are loved.

Our Core Commitments

Creating a community space that is drug and alcohol free, embracing and healing

Raising up Member Leaders

Nurturing structures of loving accountability called Recovery Circles

Ensuring Responsible Stewardship

Empowering every Member to be a contributor

Working to end systemic racism and socioeconomic inequality so every person can thrive

Our History

The Orting Valley (area of Sumner, Puyallup, Bonney Lake, Buckley, Eatonville) has been plagued by the Opioid crisis. In the Spring of 2017, our area was hit by a series of fatal overdoses, this created a demand for help. There was an outpouring of concern to find a way that we could provide support for people wrestling with addiction. After decades of losing lives to this epidemic our community came together acknowledging we can and must do more and if we worked together!

The problem of addiction has been acute in the Orting Valley for a long time, and the Orting Valley has been an underserved community for far too long. It was time for the change that can provide hope, healing and transformation for folks wrestling with addiction. Recovery Café Orting Valley was formed to do just that. A team of committed folks serious about bringing Recovery Café into the City was formed and we are that group. We have several hundred individual citizens and organizations that have joined together with us!

Sizing the Problem: Orting Valley encompasses the City of Orting, Puyallup, and Sumner as well as the unincorporated areas of Pierce County including Eatonville, Buckley, South Prairie, Kapowsin, McMillin. A ‘point-in-time’ study conducted by Pierce County identified at last 1638 individuals living along our riverbanks of the Puyallup and Carbon Rivers. Our service area population is at a minimum of approximately 11,328 people we will serve. This does not account for the people from Sumner, Puyallup who will also spill over into our service.  A 12 Step NA group (help for those addicted) was formed in town.

What is Recovery Café? Recovery Café is a proven system healing and transformation that helps people who are suffering from addiction, homelessness, and other mental health challenges to find the support they need and get them connected to the resources they need to build a different life. It also includes partnerships with AA, NA, Alanon, NARANON, Celebrate Recovery, Adult and Teen Challenge groups and Behavioral Health professionals. Here is the link to the Recovery Cafe in Seattle: Please check it out! Recovery Café is presently in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Spokane, San Jose, CA with more emerging across our country because lives are being saved!

Our Pathway Forward: Our success in making this a reality will be based upon us working together. People with addicts/addiction in our lives and their shared experience form the foundation of Recovery Café. In 2017 over 90% of the people who became a part of Recovery Café and were members were living recovered lives. We are a community of love and hope to transform lives with dignity to live recovered lives by showing grace, no judgment, no shame, just loving accountability, and acceptance.

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