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Support Group
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Youth Conference
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Recovery Cafe

Become a Member

As a full member of the Recovery Cafe Network, we offer Recovery Circles, a healing environment, social activities, School for Recovery, referral services and more. We strive to make our space safe, welcoming, and nurturing for everyone on their recovery journey.

Recovery Navigator Program

Removing Barriers to Care

A community support program with case managers that will help you obtain your needs and support you in navigating all the various systems like Benefits, mental health, medical, case management support, housing assistance, transportation, food assistance, clothing vouchers, utility assistance, Driver’s License, help with obtaining employment, or enrolling in school and so much more!

Youth Program

Prevention and Recovery

We support youth in preventing substance us and offering recovery services for those seeking to change their relationship with substances. We understand that substance use is intersected with mental health, access to resources, relationships, and community wellness, and we seek to support and encourage health in all of these areas through our youth services. 

Orting Standing Together on Prevention

CPWI Coalition

Our mission is to cultivate a healing community for those impacted by life challenges through community prevention and wellness initiatives.

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