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Youth and Young Adult Services are now offered by Recovery Café Orting Valley!

Youth deserve a place to feel safe, have fun, and get support from the challenges they face. We offer support for mental health issues, substance use, addictions, and more.

Along with weekly support groups, food, games, and activities such as river walks, trivia, movies, sports, and more!

Selfie in the Park


We hope to offer a variety of services and support for youth and young adults. We also want to have a space for youth to build community. 

Therapy Session


It is important for youth and young adults to have connection with each other, their families, and with other healthy adults in the community. We believe building connection is vital to our community youth.

Rock Maze


We are all in recovery from something. Recovery can be from mental health challenges, loss, grief, trauma, substances, or other addictions. Through a variety of offerings, we hope we can help individuals heal and grow.  

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